January 2023


Keep Your Engagement Ring Looking Beautiful For Life

It is possible to create good jewelry, but it requires more time and effort than you might imagine. The engagement ring is the most pricey and significant item of jewelry a woman will ever own. It makes sense if you plan to wear it frequently. But sometimes it makes sense to remove your ring.

For example, engagement rings should be taken off before using harsh chemicals. Because some bodywashes could be dangerous, swimming, cleaning the house, and even taking a shower are included. Another smart move is to remove your ring before night. There are certain drawbacks even though some individuals believe you should always sleep with it on. Over time, it gathers perspiration and grease, yanks hair, and catches on pillows and other objects.

Your ring holds sentimental value for you, so treat it with care. Consider getting a plate, a tray, a jewelry box with cloth inside, or even a tiny pillow to keep it safe. To keep your ring safe, you have many different storage choices at your disposal. To act as a reminder to take it off before cleaning or sleeping, keep one in your bedroom and another in the kitchen.

What should you do while washing your hands with the ring? You shouldn’t need to remove your ring if you’re using a mild soap. A little dish soap and warm water are truly all you need to clean at home. The chemicals in hand sanitizers and antibacterial soaps may eventually cause the ring to become dull and discolored. The sanitizer may cause the prongs in your setting to become loosened, enabling the stone to fall out.

The most crucial piece of advice we can give is to regularly check and adjust the prongs, which brings us to our first suggestion. Before a big night out or after cleaning it, carefully inspect the ring to determine if its condition has altered. If you are worried, you could bring it to a jeweler for a professional evaluation. A yearly “prong check” is provided by some businesses for no charge or at a very low cost. Get your engagement ring professionally cleaned at the jewelers to keep it looking its best.

By following a maintenance schedule, you can increase the longevity of your prized possession. An infographic featuring cleaning and other maintenance advice may be seen below.

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