A guide to shooting the best wedding videos


Are you looking for ways to make your wedding videos more cinematic and more attractive? Shooting the best wedding videos is more than just going through courses and reading books. You need to develop your brand, get the necessary experience and offer your clients something special and unique. Being the best San Antonio videographer is not also about who has a more sophisticated camera, it is all about creativity and having ideas that will make your videos stand out from the rest. There are many ways to shoot the best wedding videos. Here is how you can do it

Get the right shots

The first way to shoot the best wedding videos is to take the right shots. As a videographer who has been in the field for quite some time, you understand that you cannot get to the venue at the same time as the wedding guests. You need to be an early bird and make sure that you speak or consult with the wedding planner. This is important to have an idea of how the bride and the groom have planned to enter the venue. Talking to the wedding planner will also help you know about different sitting arrangements. If there are any special activities, you should stay informed before time.

You should be light and very fast to act

As a videographer, you should be as light as possible with your gear, and switching lenses should also be very simple and easy for you.  To be flexible enough, you should avoid shooting your videos with a tripod. To get static shots, you should consider monopods. Monopods are also suitable for changing from shot to shot.

Pay attention to the audio

To shoot a good wedding video, you should also pay attention to the audio. A professional San Antonio videographer knows very well that two different kinds of shots can be taken. The first one requires ambient audio and the second type doesn’t.  good videographer makes sure that important things are captured. Things such as the wedding vows, cutting of the cake, and any other special moment should be captured.


Filming a wedding can be a very long and daunting process. But if you prepare beforehand, you will be able to successfully capture every special moment and present the final results to clients who will be successful. Even a first-time videographer can be able to do a good job by being aware of the surroundings and being intentional about their shooting.