Make Your Impression Stick: Tips for Business Lunches

The best way to strike a very important business deal, offer warm congratulations, or celebrate big wins in the business world is to take someone for lunch. It is natural to be overwhelmed when a business lunch approaches. But your business lunch may turn into a mess if you don’t have etiquette.

As you work on growing your professional life, ensure you learn the right etiquette. Your manners will make a very lasting impression on a new business partner or client. To help you make a good first impression at the business lunch, the following are tips to look at:

1.      Choose a Nice Restaurant

Whether it is on the business organization’s tab or is footing the bill, your business lunch must project a particular level of seriousness. Look for a restaurant, which is on a higher end. But it shouldn’t necessarily be stuffy or pricy that may alienate your managers or reports.

Any restaurant with rules about requiring a translator or substitutions is out. Just make sure the menu and settings deliver. Business lunch venues are stereotypical but perfect ones, such as The Landing, hardly fail.

2.      Arrive Early

You should never be late for a business lunch. The right thing to do is to arrive at the venue early and get seated at the right table. Let the staff at the venue know that you will be the one to foot the bill after taking lunch. This will ascertain that you avoid the awkwardness of making payment after the meeting.

3.      Let the Client Take the Lead When Ordering Food

If it is your first time being at a restaurant when the business lunch has been organized, you might be unsure about the meals. So it would be best to lead your business partner or client take the lead when ordering food.

Plus, ask for recommendations when eating. Try ordering the meals, which are easy to eat, such as a light sandwich, fish, or salad.

4.      Be Mindful of Your Manners

It is very simple to act respectable when you remember several key points. First, put your napkin on the lap and then sit upright.

Second, always keep the elbows off the table. Avoid talking to your business partner or client with your mouth full – close your mouth as you chew. Remember to say thank you and please when asking for meals to be passed.

Lastly, put your napkin to the left of the plate you used when you are done eating. If you order alcohol, make sure you stop at one drink.

5.      Ask Prepared Questions

Like formal interviews, it will be best to ask prepared questions. You might not talk about business throughout the business lunch. But when you decide to do so, ensure it is a two-way conversation.

When preparing questions, research your interviewer and the company. It shouldn’t necessarily be a full background check. Just a couple of things to discuss when you switch off.

Final Touches

Whether it is a new business partner or prospective client, a business lunch may sometimes feel unexciting and redundant. But if you prepare well for it with the help of these tips, everything will go as planned.